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Planet Positivity

We’re inherently afraid of what the future holds, partly because much of what we read about the future of the

At a Loss for Loss

It’s hard to imagine a world where nothing and no-one gets lost. We’re getting close – you could say it’s

Building an Engaged Economy

The ‘Disengagement Economy’ – what a terrible term. In an article on Huffington Post, Robert Hall describes it as the

“The New Watching”

Image source: “Is YouTube the new television?” asked Jonathan Ford the FT’s chief writer in a recent article. Well,

Travel 2024

Image source: We can look at emerging technologies and social behavior to get a sense for how things are

A Look At 2054

In 1973, science historian James Burke was asked to predict what the future would look like in 20 years. He

So-prisingly Obvious

The best ideas are often the simplest, they make you say: “I wish I’d thought of that!” We often don’t

Imagine a Richer Future

I’ve always believed in the power of the imagination. It’s a skill – not some vague daydream – and one

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