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I Love Laura

Laura Kimpton is a California-based, American contemporary artist. She is known for her Monumental Word series including installations at Burning

Spread Your #lovein3words

Revlon have done a loving thing. On the Oscars broadcast they launched The Love Project. Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams and

The Fab Five

If you could choose just five favorite things in life, what would they be? That was the challenge put to

Twitter Gets Emotional

A tempest in a teapot has been brewing over at Twitter since the online social networking service replaced its ★ with a ♥.

Happiness is Love

Image source: Like wine, longitudinal studies improve with age. So says Dr George Vaillant, chief curator/analyst/investigator of sorts for

Passion and Heartbreak

Image source: Vincent van Gogh once said that he’d rather die of passion than of boredom. He might have

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