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Now Hiring: People Persons

Being personable, being part of a team and being able to build relationships are traits that are increasingly coveted in

Wonderful Places

Image source: Brian Joseph If you’re looking to travel the world, there’s no shortage of recommendations of where to go

A Sad Day for Me Today

Thirty years ago I met a tall, charismatic, young, brilliant Palestinian called Saad Abdul-Latif. He was working at Pepsi-Co in

Game Changers

The Harvard Business Review recently highlighted the fine example of Sir Peter Jackson to describe what its authors call ‘The

Who Do You Trust?

I’m proud to say I know New Zealand’s most trusted person. I would, in fact, count him as a close

Signal & Noise

Nate Silver is famous for making dead-on predictions. Having made a name for himself in baseball, he has turned to

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