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Happy Birthday, Bob!

A birthday shout-out to Bob Dylan on the occasion of his 75th birthday on May 24. America’s great artistic shape-shifter,

The Best Teachers

Image source: I recently quoted from an article on The Guardian, “The best teachers instill a hunger to learn,

What Makes a Champion Teacher?

Image attribute / source: Doug Lemov / We all remember the best teachers we had at school (take a bow Peter

My Favorite All Blacks

Image source: Brian Joseph Not necessarily the greatest (though some are) they are the ones who inspired me for different

The Wonder of Wanda Ferragamo

Image source: One of the most inspirational people I have ever met is Wanda Ferragamo. At 92, she still

Two Heroes of Mine Died Last Weekend

Eusebio, ‘The Black Pearl’, from Mozambique.  Along with Christiano Ronaldo the best player ever to represent Portugal.  Named by FIFA

Never Say Die

“We’ll die dancing.” What better way to go out than that? From the crazy edge here’s one to lift your

Meeting your Heroes

Many people have said you shouldn’t meet your childhood heroes as they are invariably a disappointment. I’ve never agreed with

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