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Revealing Your Sole

Paul Simon sang about shoes that had diamonds on the soles. “Well that’s one way to lose / These walking

Speaking of I, Me, We

Image source: An article on Nautilus provides a fascinating birds-eye view of how we use language to express ourselves,

Unlocking Passwords

Image source: When did the password become part of everyday life? Most people will have something to say about

The Jerry Maguire Effect

Image source: You know that line “You had me at ‘hello’” from the movie Jerry Maguire? Researchers from the

Be Grateful, Be Good

There are many things that make us human. Compassion, grace, love. The ability to forgive. Another I hadn’t really given

Well words

Lawrence Rosen, MD of Oradell, New Jersey is an integrative pediatrician and co-author of Treatment Alternatives for Children. He is


In a year when the word literal’s definition was amended to be both literal and un-literal, Oxford Dictionary has crowned

Calm From Crisis

When the winds subside in the middle of a storm, and you experience a moment of utter clarity that propels

Win More With Less

One thing that has really stood out for me this year is how much people are getting “lost in the

Love To Win, Hate To Lose

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of football’s iconic players (shame he is not with us at the Etihad). He’s an idol

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