The excitement is mounting. On November 20 we’ll be in Dubai watching Kylie Minogue open the most incredible hotel in the world, Sol Kerzner’s Atlantis on The Palm. Sol is the original ‘Nothing is Impossible’ man. 18 million liters of water in the adventure park, 11 million liters in the aquarium, 1.4 kilometers of beach, 65,000 marine animals housed in the Ambassador Lagoon, 1,539 rooms, a 924 square meter bridge suite, a 27.5 meter ‘Leap of Faith’ waterslide. At a cost of $1.5 billion.

Atlantis is modeled on the brilliant property in the Bahamas and takes its name from the fabled land under the sea. Here at The Palms, Sol and his partner (the United Arab Emirates government) have transformed 17 hectares (42 acres) of water into a themed amusement at Aquaventure.

I took a plane over the property six months ago and have been privileged to be involved in all the launch marketing and advertising. ‘The Lost Chambers’ brings the myth of Atlantis to life through a maze of underground tunnels offering views into the boulevards of the ruins of Athens. Dolphin Bay is a state of the art education and conservation center affording the opportunity to personally interact with the wildlife under expert supervision. There are 17 bars, lounges and restaurants, including Nobu from Nobu Matsuhisa and Robert DeNiro, and Ronda Locatelli, which is Giorgio Locatelli’s first outpost outside of London. There is also a French brasserie from Michel Rostang. Topping this (because he has three Michelin stars and Locatelli and Rostang only have two!) is Spanish chef Santi Santamaria and his seafood Ossiano.

We’re heading out there for three to four days of partying and parasailing at the Aquaventure park. This will redefine Middle East tourism and bring together all the classic elements of a great break for today’s luxury eco guest. I can’t wait!

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