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Reboot.  Recharge.  Reload.

We’ve just spent 10 days in the tranquillity of two of our favourite Turkey and Greece hideaways, the Amanruya and

The Last Chance Saloon

Have been suffering from osteoarthritis for three years now – a common ailment amongst folks my age with a history

450 Calories and Less

The need to slim down is a health imperative for the majority of people in most of the world’s countries.

Find an Urban Oasis

It’s no secret that nature is good for us. But is it really capable of changing the brain? A new

Moments That Take Your Breath Away

Image source: Most people would agree that it’s pretty fantastic to experience something that takes your breath away –

Dancing in the Streets

Boogie, jive, swing, break, mambo, rumba, flamenco, Lindy hop. Call it what you like. Do it how you like. Dancing

Music, The Heart Healer

I’m a believer in the power of music. It connects with our soul and transforms our emotions. The right tune

Health In The Arts

For years people have been touting the benefits of the arts on a person’s health and well-being, but now a

Bums Off Seats

A few years back I posted on the standup desk at work. For the many of us who work sitting

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