Dancing in the Streets

Boogie, jive, swing, break, mambo, rumba, flamenco, Lindy hop. Call it what you like. Do it how you like. Dancing is a way of self-expression. You can do it in public or private. You can dress up to do it. You can dance at a club, or in your living room. You’re never too young – or too old – to burn up the dance floor. Remember The Hip-operation Crew?

If you dance at least once a week, in whatever style of your choosing, you’ll improve cognitive function and muscle memory and have lots of fun in the process. Dancing is also one of the few physical activities that can ward off dementia. It’s better than swimming and reading. The reason? It requires you to make split second decisions, recall steps, coordinate your body, and tune into the rational and emotional parts of your brain all at the same time. The Dance Psychology Lab at the University of Hertfordshire even found that dancing helped people with Parkinson’s Disease improve their divergent thinking skills.

The great thing about dancing is there is no right or wrong way to do it. Your moves may give away your age, but dance is beautiful – even when it’s been translated into code as the people at Universal Everything have just done at the Science Museum in London.

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