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Back To The Office (I)

The world is re-opening – and what a mess it’s in.   Politically, socially and economically, the challenges are enormous. 

Pump Up Your Own Productivity

Performance Expert Steven Kotler’s new book “The Art of Impossible” is on my reading list.  60’s classics – resilience, grit

Magic in the Room

Here’s a piece from The Atlantic that iterates on ideas in my post on the value of face time. The

Stop Wasting Time

61% of working Americans say they don’t have enough time to do the things they want to do. Everyone is

What a Mess

In a world beset with uniformity and complexity, I say the crazies reign. Their creativity has unreasonable power. Part of

Forty Winks

Sleep can be mighty helpful, whether to help with complex decision making, creativity, wellbeing or more. As a fan of

Can’t Get No Satisfaction

The Rolling Stones have already penned the theme song, though it’s the Americans who can’t get no satisfaction – job

To Do List 2.0

We’ve probably all experienced the ‘Zeigarnik effect’, the persisting nagging feeling you get when you leave a task half-finished to

Is Your Company Happy?

We all know what Albert Einstein achieved. He was passionate about what he did and was utterly dedicated to his

Calm From Crisis

When the winds subside in the middle of a storm, and you experience a moment of utter clarity that propels

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