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David Perry, our EVP/Head of TV Production at Saatchi & Saatchi NY, was recently polled with a bunch of other ad people for an item by Shoot, a hot hub on all things production. David is a veteran, a director and producer par excellence who’s tasted it all, and cut to the chase with some clear insights and advice…

I am amazed at the resilience of television. For 15 years the cool kids have been trying to kill it. But TV thrives in a world of choices.

Everything that was supposed to kill television actually makes it better. YouTube is television, Hulu is TV, VOD is TV, Vimeo is TV. Everything we look at on tablets and phones and computers is TV. And the 60-inch HD screen in our living room is really great TV.

On DigitalWe should banish the word ‘digital’ as a collective term for everything that isn’t TV. ‘Digital’ doesn’t mean anything. Refrigerators are digital.

We need to be specific because all the digital devices and media are different, and we use them all in very unique ways. And we fail to appreciate their uniqueness if we just think of them all as ‘digital’.

On Directing
The last skill that most directors develop is that of directing people. I would tell anybody who wants to be considered a director to develop a skill at casting, dialog and performance. Pretty pictures are easy. People are hard.

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