Earlier this year I was interviewed for an Australian program on the future of TV called 2020Vision, and made by Free TV, an industry body which represents all of Australia’s commercial free-to-air television licensees. It’s now live online (which still makes it TV, just on another screen!) in six 3-5 minute episodes. The show brings together some fascinating perspectives from a range of creatives, many touching on themes I shared a few months back.

Fellow contributors include Jeffrey Katzenberg CEO, DreamWorks Animation; Bill Patrizio CEO, Red Bee Media UK; Tim Baxter Samsung Electronics America; Melissa Lavigne-Delville NBCUniversal; and Gary Carter COO, FremantleMedia.

The episodes cover the multi-screen experience, the power of audiences, the evolution of advertising, and future programming trends.

I share some thoughts in episode three on the promise of 3D TV for a more immersive and compelling advertising experience, and in episode four on TV as a way for advertisers to create strong, intimate relationships with consumers. It’s a beautifully made program; great iPad viewing and a good roadmap if you want to know what TV will be like tomorrow. You can watch it here.

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