La Guerre Des Post-It

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on a nice stop-motion animation of Post-It notes sweeping Sao Paulo. Now Paris is following suit, bringing some childlike happiness to the city through the power of the humble sticky note. Office workers are raiding their stationery cupboards and livening up city blocks by creating brilliant window designs entirely out of Post-Its.

The City of Love is awash with some amazing designs, with everything from Tetris and Pacman to the Mona Lisa and Michael Jackson making an appearance. Known as ‘la guerre des Post-It’ or ‘the Post-It wars’, the collage challenge is transforming typically bland corporate environments into a sea of color that’s hard not to love. It’s creativity at its best, from the crowd – individuals seeing possibility in the simplest if items, consuming an entire city with playful joy. Viva La Difference!

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