Why Don’t We Hang Out More?

I asked Robin this.  He responded with a poem (as poets are likely to do).

Why don’t we hang out

more often, you ask.

You might as well wonder

why the sky is blue.

We’re adults doing grown up

stuff, not kids with time

for anything goofing off.

Sure, it’s an attractive call, yet

doing nothing unimaginable,

slips us by, a morning’s dancing

sparkle on the water we haven’t

noticed, we’re so caught up

in our day. What’s the return

on hanging out, no plan, just

being around each other, you

groaning at my puns, me

taking your relationship with God

to heart, maybe dozing off

on your couch, or at the park

catching each other’s thoughts,

discovering things about

the other we had no idea

about, or just nothing, seriously,

zip. Could become our work

of art. Just let’s be

together, seems your point—

not why we should, but what

are we missing?

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Kevin Roberts

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