Double Fantasy

In June this year I was in Bermuda, celebrating 50 years of AAC Saatchi & Saatchi making waves and shaking things up in the North Atlantic. We’re not the only ones moved by the island – Bermuda was a source of inspiration for John Lennon, who wrote an album called Double Fantasy, after a type of flower he saw in the Bermudian botanical gardens. Lennon thought the name perfectly summed up his marriage to Yoko Ono, and the album is a musical conversation between husband and wife, also featuring songs by Yoko. Three weeks after the album’s release Lennon was tragically killed, making his Bermudian odyssey his last living work and a deep tribute to the couple’s love.

That was in 1980. Now Bermuda’s creative community is preparing to honor Lennon’s this legacy with a special project: A commemorative sculpture they hope will draw Lennon fans the world over to celebrate a music icon and see for themselves a place that inspired him. Yoko was delighted with the design options (she gave the final choice to Bermuda’s Masterworks Museum), which symbolise John, Double Fantasy, the flower and Bermuda. Alongside this, a musical tribute is being put together, featuring artists from the island and others who have performed there, especially from the 40 Thieves where Lennon spent a memorable evening. His long talk with journalists at the club contributed to the song “Watching the Wheels” on Double Fantasy.

I’m a fan of Lennon, Bermuda and the whole idea. The project goes live in June 2012. To listen to the beating heart behind it, check the video here.

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