Hugh’s Song and Dance

Hugh Jackman is feeling the love. Men love him for his cigar chomping, butt-kicking performances as Wolverine. Women love him for his Broadway theatrics. He happens to be a neighbor – living just up the road in the West Village. Many a Saatchi & Saatchi employee has made morning small talk with him in line at Amy’s Bread and other local restaurants.

I bring all this up because Hugh is living proof that even if money can’t buy you love, love sure can make you money. His recent run on Broadway Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway just broke the Shubert Organization’s box office record, bringing in over $14 million in 10 weeks. Said The New York Times, “This impossibly talented, impossibly energetic actor practices safe sex like nobody else. His polished song-and-dance show is like a great, guilt-free, platonic one-night stand. All he asks is that you love him loving you loving him.”

Song and dance is eternal, people have been doing it for millennia, and the power of music is still way beyond anything else out there. What I love about Australia’s favorite son (and yes, his show leaves you loving Aussie as well), is that you feel how much joy he’s experiencing by giving it out.

So congrats on the success Hugh. Legions will be thrilled by this week’s announcement that you’re back on Broadway as Harry Houdini in an Aaron Sorkin-scripted, Stephen Schwartz-scored musical. Wicked!

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