Facebook is more than a just a book of faces. It’s an archive of events and memories. But with nearly 1 billion profiles, the vast majority of these stories get lost in the cloud; something that Facebook has recognized with the launch of Facebook Stories.

Each month, the company will select a handful of tales in the context of a theme. With a focus on ‘remembering’, the first installment features the story of Mayank Sharma, who lost his memory through meningitis; David J. Knight, a 47-year-old archaeologist who is trying to save a historically significant building in Ontario; and a moment that a White House reporter will never forget as he recorded a story in Air Force One’s bathroom before taking off. In addition the site analyzed users’ Biggest Life Moments from Timelines, which revealed some pretty interesting statistics about people.

Facebook is just one tech company bringing emotion into the very rational world of hardware. Though we live in a world full of screens and interfaces, we are still looking for the human element that drives us to share our lives with one another.

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