This note sums up the spirit of winning. Own the moment. Every minute matters. The podium is reserved for the brave.

The note was written by the Canadian women’s ice hockey team for their male counterparts who were set to battle Sweden for gold in Sochi. They, of course, had just claimed their own gold in stunning fashion.

With three and a half minutes left on the clock they were down 2-0. They scored. Hauled their goalie off for a final attack. Watched as a long range shot hit the post of their open net. Tied the game with 55 seconds left. Then stole it in overtime. That’s what sport is about. Pure, unadulterated adrenaline. Followed by pure joy. Or despair, if you happen to be American in this case.

The men, inspired by this note, went on to shut out Sweden in the final 3-0. Canada the brave. Earning every inch. They were never going to lose.

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