Here’s what I’ll be bingeing on this year.
Old Favourites / New Series:
         Madame Secretary
         Chicago PD
         The Blacklist
New Series:
         The Deuce:
o    Times Square in the 70’s
o    James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal
o    Raw and gritty.
         Seal Team:
o    A breath of escapism, patriotism, family and teamwork in an increasingly cynical world.
o    The new Game of Thrones.  Mighty Rome takes on Britain – led by our own Boudicea-like hellraiser Kerra.  Lots of strong stuff.
         Patrick Melrose:
o    Played by Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch), whom I find mesmerising on screen.
o    Not easy to get into.  Complex and slow-moving – but I think it’s got legs.
         The Little Drummer Girl:
o    A great John Le Carré book I read years ago – developed by the team who put The Night Manager on air in 2017 – after Luther, my favourite 2017 series.
         The Ballad of Buster Scruggs:
o    Netflix has announced this from the great Coen Brothers.  James Franco (Deuce) again.  Shades of Fargo.
         Deutschland 86:
o    The sequel to the great Deutschand 83 series.  Shooting in CapeTown just finished.  I met with the writer in Berlin in December.  This’ll be great.
And my personal favourite:
         Hard Sun:
o    Written by Luther mastermind and Wellington, New Zealand resident Neil Cross and produced by FremantleMedia.  Starring (bizarrely) Agyness Deyn and (not so bizarrely) Jim Sturgess.  The world is doomed five years from now they discover – whoops.  Unmissable.
And finally we await new series of:
         Line of Duty
         Berlin Station
         The Bureau.
Happy Viewing.

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