I’ve watched and admired the All Blacks for 40 years now – and sat on the NZ Rugby Board.  What makes them so successful?  It starts with Values.  Here they are.

1.         Sacrifice
•      Give up things that won’t help you reach the summit.
•      Proves that the goal is worth chasing.
2.    Respect
•      The legacy, the team, and the role of every individual.
•      Leave it better than when you found it.
 3.   Gratitude
•     Pressure is a privilege.  Be grateful to have the opportunity to experience it.
4.    Acceptance
•     Handle disappointment, man up, and do your job bloody well, whatever it is – for the Team.
5.      Speed
•      In the mind.  A positive attitude.  Fail Fast, Learn Fast, Fix Fast.
6.    Trust
•     Believe in yourself, your skills, your game-plan, your systems and your mates.
7.      Mental Toughness
•      Learn and practice TCUP.
8.      Awareness
•      Uphold the higher standards.  All the time.
9.      Open Mindedness
•      Flexible thinking, responsive to new ideas, relish change.
10.   Accountability
•     Everything can be done better.  Use examples of the best players making mistakes.  Everyone is accountable for the Team’s performance.
11.   Dedication
•      Master basic skills.
•      Meet.  Beat.  Repeat.
12.   Leadership
•      Everyone is a leader.
•      First know thyself.
•      Know what you’re doing, why, when and where.
13.   Honesty
•      With yourself and your team.
•      Review performance shortfalls brutally and directly.
14.   Core Role
•      Do your own job.  Trust your mates to do theirs.
15.   Continuous Improvement
•      Wake up the next morning and figure out how to improve.
•      Repeat daily.
Over to you now.

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