As visitors to this parish are aware, I’m a big believer in The Power of Three.  And in this Age of Distraction I’ve been a practitioner of Focus / Commitment / Discipline for many years.
This is the secret to Making Things Happen.  Stay focussed, stay single-minded on task completion and Keep Going.  Not very sexy. Just effective.
And the Biggest Threat to Peak Performance in any business today?  The weapon of Mass Distraction – and simultaneously our greatest enabling ally – the Smart Phone.
Research indicates many of us are distracted nearly 50% of the time.  No wonder we feel so much stress and that our lives are out of balance.
Surveys reveal:
•        We check our phones 150 times/day, or every 6 1/2 minutes.
•        We spend 2 1/2 hours each day on our phone, in 76 different sessions.
•        Millennials spend 1.8 hours of their work-day on social media – whilst at work.
•        Productivity is declining.
•        Competitiveness is declining.
•        Our own sense of achievement is declining.
•        Happiness is declining.
Figure out some basic rules and stick to them.  Take control of your phone.  Don’t let it control you.

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