Trudy and I have been in semi-isolation in Carefree, Arizona  now for 14 days and we’ve been learning a lot about this new (temporary) way of living.
12 thoughts:
·       Stay Healthy.  Follow the rules on isolation, separation, hygiene, nutrition, supplements etc.  The information is readily available – just do it.
·       Get Fit.  Eat sensibly, hydrate and exercise.  It’s good for you physically, mentally and biologically.
·       Work on your partnership.  There’ll be tons of worry, stress, uncertainty and fear coming your way.  Stay empathetic, loving, caring and kind.  Communicate.  Listen.
·       Make time for Family and Friends.  Facetime, Skype, Zoom – fix a regular schedule as John O’Keeffe advised us last week.
·       Live Life Slow.  Make every hour count.  Take time to exercise all five senses.  Luxuriate in the thing you’ve had the least of – Time.
·       Listen to The Warm – an old Rod McKuen poem.  Which means to me – seek out the positives, look for the moments of magic, replace the fear with these magic moments.
·       Make Happy Choices.  Happiness is the greatest antidote to Fear.  Be decisive in doing a bunch of stuff that will make you happy.
·       Post a daily timetable on the fridge and stick to it.  Routine and structure make us feel secure.
·       Stand Up and Fight.  Don’t dress sloppily, don’t grab snacks – sit down and eat – and get up early; go to bed early.
·       Start every day with a list of three things you want to do, and five things that will make for a happy moment.  And do them.
·       When you’re feeling blue, tell your partner, talk to a friend, cheer up and be kind to yourself.
·       You are not alone.  We’re all in this.  And just like Smallpox, TB, Sars and Aids – we’ll get through it and get back even stronger than before.
PS:    And remember – Series 4 of Money Heist is out April 3 and Series 3 of Fauda on April 14!!

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