Trudy’s Back (Part II)

4)  What is something you learned about your children?
o    I learned just how much they are capable of;  how much they can learn, how they look on the bright side of things, how they take care of one another, and how they are always trying to be positive during this scary time.
o    Music (preferably Mickey Mouse Clubhouse soundtrack) makes Winnie very happy, she also has some cool dance moves like her Mum.
o    Tilly has found a new love for horses, seeing how animated and happy she gets while talking about them is heartwarming.  Lessons have begun!
o    Chloe has developed a great sense of humour.
o    Stella likes to create things from arts and craft to cooking.

o    Bart’s loathing for (the wearing of) sunhats is pure.
o    Unfortunate, given my son’s very fair complexion and his insistence on applying sunscreen by himself.  Fortunate, given that where we are presently based, sun is a rarefied – almost mythical – commodity.

5)  What is something you learned about yourself? 
o    I am the worst teacher!  
o    And I need silence and alone time to recharge (which is a hard thing to come by with 3 kids and two dogs).
o    Motherhood can be so hard, kids come with many challenges, and the world is such a different place right now.  I’ve learned that it is important to be honest and open about how you are feeling, it is ok to want time to yourself (getting it might be a slightly different story) and that I am tough (Dad taught me that 😁).
o    How important and rewarding practicing meditation twice daily is
o    That I possess no talent for hairdressing. Especially the perilous pursuit of hairdressing for one year old boys.


6)  What is the funniest thing the kids did/said during this time?

o    Andrew joining Mark on his important zoom calls by dancing in the background and refusing to leave!
o    Winnie grabbing her microphone and singing Daisy Daisy (while swaying, with eyes closed). 
o    Despite coming in the last group of her cross-country race, Tilly triumphantly finished the race with a smile and style like Usain Bolt.  Chariots of Fire had to be the theme song.
o    Chloe wanted to take off a day off e-learning and thought a good excuse would be to email her teacher and tell them she had coronavirus.
o    Stella developed a fascination with watching Property TV shows and critiquing people’s choice and interior design tastes


o    Despite being just one, our son is what commonly would have been referred to as being a ‘real boy’ before the world woke up. He is most attracted to things that outdated stereotypes prescribe; his preference is for dirt, sausage rolls, rugby balls, footballs and trucks, cars, buses, tractors, cranes.  He is especially enamored by his Grandfather’s Land Rover which happens to live where we are also living presently, in the north of England.  Most mornings (and actually most afternoons) rain, hail or shine he will run out to the car and yell “Vroom! Vroom! Vroooooom!!” whilst pointing lovingly and urging us desperately to hoist him up to the lofty heights of this light artillery vehicle.  If we refuse – all hell breaks loose.  Extracting him is another frightening fiasco altogether – it’s actually the only thing that sends our otherwise very cheery boy absolutely berserk. He would – I’m quite sure – happily commit to living permanently in this car if presented with the option, and I have no doubt whatsoever where his allegiances would lie if forced to choose between me and that car!

All families are different.  Here is Nikki with just a few of her amazing animal family.
Well, there you have it.  Our wonderful families, in different parts of the world, making the most of this challenging time of CoVid-19.  Missing them all and patiently waiting for the time we can give them all a big hug!
Trudy and Kevin

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