O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree …

The warmth and glow of our Christmas tree brings comfort, happiness and hope for the coming year.  Every photo taken in front of the Christmas tree is another cherished memory.  Our Christmas trees never look the same.  Every year Trudy adds her own special Family ornaments.  Every year it brings us and our grandchildren joy and our Desert Dream home is filled with Christmas magic! 

(And tonight we play The Ornaments Game.  We all choose a special ornament on the Tree and each one of us tells a story about it.)

It starts here.  The Lone Ranger lives on in our Desert Dream home.  The Bison – a symbol of strength and unity.  Kendall had a favourite stuffed squirrel that she slept with every night.  Golly has been around the world, this ornament is in honour of Golly. 

Merry Christmas everyone.


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