Here’s to the Oryx

I flew from Manchester to Doha and Doha to Melbourne last week.  It’s 20 hours or so in the air but if you are in Qatar’s Q Class (which is their Business Class) the time passes quickly.

Q Class has replaced First Class for them and it delivers a First Class experience at a Business Class price.  You have your own very intimate space with a closing door which gives complete privacy.  The flat-bed is extremely comfortable and the bedding is superb with a thick, luxurious blanket and two pillows plus the first class luxury of a sleepsuit/pyjamas from London’s the White Company.  Food is à la carte, whenever you want it and is of a very high standard – significantly ahead of any European or American airline.  The TV screen is up there with the best of the best.  Service is attentive and extremely professional.  I never drink on planes but the wine list is of a very high-quality indeed.  I arrived in Melbourne at 2am local time and felt ready for a work-out and work as the flight had been so tranquil and calm.

If you’re travelling from Europe to the Middle East, Asia, Australasia or South Africa, take a look at Qatar Airways.  It’s the real deal.

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