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East Meets West

I spent an in-and-out 24 hours in one of my favourite cities – Istanbul last week.  I was invited by

Living Well is the Best Revenge

Just arrived back in a wintry Europe – with visits to Manchester, Lisbon and Barcelona all on the schedule last

Hail, Hail The Soho House

I received this letter a couple of days ago.  We stay in their houses in NYC, Soho (London), Berlin and

Curated Hotels for the Creative Cognoscenti

Image source: / Hotels are hiring curators, following prominent artists and decorating their spaces with expansive art collections.

Service Is Everyone’s Business

Image source: (Good) hospitality, which can be characterized in a nutshell as ‘efficiency and just the right degree of

How Culture Influences Sleep

A good night’s sleep is the crown of any hotel, and any place that invests in improving the experience is

Five Ideas before They Check In

All we travellers ask is an escape from the ordinary. We want excellent amenities and quality, friendly service. Here are

The Thief

When reading about a new hotel in Norway called The Thief, I was reminded of a quote by Andy Warhol.

Luxury In The Fast Lane

Luxury cars are built on reputation, quality and performance. Each vehicle is a combination of craft and engineering that needs

Magic Of Musha Cay

As more people make their choices of where to stay online, the experience of being on holiday really starts on

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