Magic Of Musha Cay

As more people make their choices of where to stay online, the experience of being on holiday really starts on screen. When people look for places to holiday, they want to book themselves into a place that looks like they’re going to have a really good time. Not somewhere that will make them wish they were at home.

David Copperfield is best known for making big things like the Brooklyn Bridge and Eiffel Tower disappear, but less known for his magical island of Musha Cay. For someone who has stayed in hotels as much as I have, you’re really looking for an experience that will take the idea of what a brand can be to a new level. And at Musha Cay, the magic starts with your visit to its website. It could be a little faster, but the music, mystery, storytelling and anticipation it creates lets you know that this is the start of a great adventure.

If you can get there, there are surprises in the form of a library dedicated to magic, letters from Charlie Chaplin and Arthur Conan Doyle, equipment used by Houdini, secret beaches, an outdoor cinema, and you can even choose to go on your own pirate adventure. When dreams become reality, it’s a great escape.

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