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Entourage Academy Podcast

A couple of months ago I had a lively and intense conversation with Secret Entourage founder Pejman Ghadimi about marketing and branding.

Emoji Face Heart and Hand

Did you know that there’s a new school of academic and corporate research dedicated to studying emoji and their use

Worshipful Marketors

In grey London towards the end of November, a dose of colour, bonhomie, and heritage can really change your outlook.

Business Scents

I give my fair share of presentation and speeches each year, and a question I frequently ask the marketers, CEOs,

Food Thinking

In an effort to understand what drives today’s food culture and get a glimpse of the future of food, gravity

Sounds Like More Screens

Not too long ago, ad breaks meant time to make a cup of tea or hit fast forward on the

Buildings For The Brain

The retail industry has long understood the relationship between the use of space and the way people shop. The look

Sprints And Marathons

For marketers two things became clear at the recent London Olympics: The need for speed was not exclusive to the

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