Making Things Happen in Lancaster

About two years ago I was speaking to students at Ripley St Thomas in Lancaster, and a young man named Tom Grattan was sitting in the audience. Tom got in contact with me recently about how that talk inspired him into a creative career and how Lovemarks has led to success for him.

Tom has used Lovemarks to create strong academic brand identities that connect emotionally with current and future students. While still at Ripley, he organized a range of promotional activities for the school and was so good at it, he was convinced to take a gap year between Year 13 and university to be the school’s website administrator. During this time, Tom recognized opportunities, expanded his role, and brought all school marketing in-house. He strikes me as the sort of guy who believes that Nothing is Impossible. Tom tells me he loves his role as marketing guru for Ripley and this year he also undertook the Sixth Form Admission campaign, which resulted in one of its best responses on record.

Tom’s success hasn’t gone unnoticed in the Lancaster community. Other schools and businesses have reached out to him for marketing ideas, and such is the interest that Tom has had set up his own marketing company – SATO. Stories like Tom’s are incredibly inspirational and I’m glad he’s had courage to pursue his dreams and make things happen – I have a feeling it’s only the beginning for him!

I caught up with Tom last week at a session for Lancaster University MBA’s. He’s up running and on his way – via Kuwait Airways – for his first trip to the Big Apple.

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