Today I’m posting on a Lovemark that was invented way back in 1783, although it didn’t get the name we love (or hate) until twenty or so years ago when a Japanese publisher figured out its potential. There can’t be many people in the world who haven’t heard of this fascinating/irritating test of mental agility. Sudoku has been taken way beyond Fad status by its fans. From a trivial time waster, Sudoku has become a status symbol and endurance test. I’m betting that when the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler put this 81 square puzzle together, he had nothing more on his mind than a curiosity to torture his close friends with. What a long way this curiosity has come. Sudoku sometimes seems to have become a global brain exercising machine. There’s some logic in that – exercise the body, exercise the brain. Knowing my general dislike of number games (unless they’re creating high profit balance sheets), you might wonder how Sudoku came onto my radar. The reason is a simple human connection. Sabine Schmidt from Saatchi & Saatchi in Germany found a way to combine Euler’s mathematics with Lovemarks in this Sudoku puzzle. It might not touch emotional heights for you, but it’s fun and will keep you busy for a while. Usual rules. Use the letters that make up the word Lovemarks to fill the squares. Each of the nine letters must appear in each large square and each complete line. Good luck.

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