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An economist by trade, Ben Stein is also a true believer in the power of love. His extended piece on love in the The New York Times is well worth reading, but I couldn’t resist pulling half-a-dozen of his key points into Lovemarks territory.

1. The more you put in the more you get back. Love is a two-way process. No point in trying to get people to love your brand if you’re not engaged in your own love affair with it.

2. Quality counts. It’s the same in love as anything else. The more depth, authenticity and emotion you put into your brand, the more it will be received as a Lovemark with those same qualities.

3. The more you know the more you grow. Lovemarks are owned by the people who love them so if you want their love you have to understand them. That’s all about listening, sharing and caring about the truth.

4. Focus, focus and focus. A Lovemark is about true love. It is about a one-on-one intense connection. You won’t find Lovemarks spread right through a category. There’ll be one, maybe two.

5. True Love is for the long-term. Lovemarks can come out of fads but they still live in the top right hand of the Love/Respect Axis. High Love, High Respect. It takes effort and commitment to win Loyalty Beyond Reason.

6. When you have a winner, hold fast. Even a Lovemark needs care and attention. Never take anything in life for granted, least of all Love.

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