The last time I was in Mexico City I headed over to Cabo San Lucas for the weekend. If you are ever down in Mexico it’s well worth the visit. The One&Only Palmilla has everything it takes to become a real Lovemark.

It was originally built in the 50’s, started as a 15 room hotel with its own private landing strip for the Hollywood elite and has now been bought by Sol Kerzner, hotel developer sans pareil. This is a man who does personalized luxury like no other.

Over four years he’s put $80 million into the One&Only and it’s now an incredible place. Around 160 rooms, two beautiful infinity pools, tennis, golf, the best spa I’ve ever been to with a lot of innovative treatments, and a fabulous gym with the most up to date technological equipment.

What makes the difference besides the brilliant beaches, intricate touches and hammocks outside every room, is the intimacy and service. Every time you make eye contact with a hotel employee, the employee returns with a gesture, an open right hand to the heart. It is a gesture originated with the Huichol people of the Jalisco mountains. The One&Only MD, Edward Steiner, visited there and noticed his hosts would greet him by bringing both hands to their chests and bending forward as a traditional way of showing appreciation that an outsider would honor them with a visit. Steiner realized this was exactly the sentiment that the One&Only Palmilla wanted to express to its guests to build intimacy. He adapted the gesture, making it one hand to the heart and a subtle nod. The message remained the same – we are honored by your visit. It is a beautiful, beautiful feeling.

So, try to include the One&Only Palmilla in San Jose del Cabo in your travel plans. I should also tell you, it has the best guacamole in the world.

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