Well, my mate Simon Gault has beaten the great Heston Blumenthal to the punch. Heston is about to publish a £100 cookbook at the end of this year from The Fat Duck with rumors abounding of a limited edition of selling for £1,000.

My old friend and partner, Simon, has produced Nourish which goes out on sale today and it’s a thing of beauty. It draws together all the recipes that Simon has worked on in his career, from Antoine’s through to Euro. It includes great stuff from the Jervois Steak House and Shed 5 in Wellington. Both these restaurants to me feel like great home cooking, with Jervois delivering the best steak in New Zealand and Shed 5 delivering its own fish monger and fish filleting service.

The book is beautiful. Instead of just art directed shots of food, it actually shows Simon’s team at work and is a great lifestyle coffee table addition to any home, as well as being a necessity for every serious kitchen. Every home should buy two!

Go to the section on Simon’s own favorites for the best food tips. It’s a joyful read and, for a change, all the recipes are well within the reach of every kitchen.

To cap it off, Ferran Adria, chef of El Bulli in Spain, has written an endorsement personally.

(So there you have it, three of my favorite chefs, Heston, Ferran and Simon all in the same article!)

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