Rainbow Connections

Kermit the frog once sang: ‘Why are there so many songs about rainbows that end in stormy skies?’ Such might have been the froggy song in the hearts of scientists in Malaysia when they initially returned fruitless from their quest to find the long lost “rainbow toad”, last seen in the mountains of Borneo in 1924. Happily they now have better news to report, after venturing higher into a remote, rarely explored region of Malaysia’s eastern Sarawak state, where they found three rainbow toads, returning with some brilliant pictures.
Nice to think the most colorful characters survive on the edge. Wisely the intrepid scientists have not revealed where they found our multi-colored friends so that they can continue to prosper free from human interference. And in doing so they’ve preserved the mystery that somewhere out there one of nature’s legends, once thought to be gone forever, is alive.

While on the subject of rainbows, last week New York had the rare occurrence of a double rainbow. This photo is by Inga Sarda-Sorensen who has a terrific photo blog of New York’s glorious light.

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