Celebrate Happiness

The search for happiness is one thing we all have in common – something that binds us together as a species. We could all do with a bit more happiness in our lives, so perhaps the time is right for World Happy Day which is coming up on February 11th.

That Saturday thousands of people around the world will come together to watch the premier screening of the new documentary, Happy – filmed everywhere from the deserts of Namibia to the villages of Okinawa, this documentary delves into the mysteries of our most treasured emotion. The latest creation from Academy Award nominated director Roko Belic, Happy seeks to answer the big question about happiness: what makes us happy?

To me happiness is about making connections, creating moments, and living in the now. So what better way to celebrate a global day of happiness than by coming together as and enjoying a film about the sensation we are all searching for? Screenings are happening in countries around the world so find one near you, head along and get happy!

The New York screening is being presented by Shirley Moulton’s Academi of Life, Saturday, 7pm February 11, Society for Ethical Culture, 2 West 64th Street, NY 10023

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