Secrets of Success

The world is full of success stories – tales where the little guy takes a great idea and builds a thriving business, dominates an industry or takes over the world. But emulating such success is no easy task and can be daunting for even the most experienced person.

So how do you become successful? It’s a tricky question and one that Richard St. John was posed by an ambitious student he sat beside on his way to a TED conference. While attending the conference, Richard decided to make use of the talented people that attend TED, tapping into their wealth of experience to help arm students with tips on how to succeed.

Seven years and over 500 interviews later Richard believes he’s finally cracked it, distilling hundreds of success stories from some of the world’s highest achievers down to just eight tips.

1. PassionDo it for love, not money
2. WorkNothing comes easily, but be a ‘workafrolic’ not a workaholic
3. GoodBecome really good at what you do
4. FocusCentre your attention on one thing
5. PushDrive yourself mentally and physically
6. ServeOffer other people something of value
7. IdeasListen, be curious, problem solve and make connections
8. PersistThe number one reason for success

This checklist is about becoming better at what you do. Grow not push (I’m not a hamster on a treadmill); inspire yourself don’t drive yourself; help not serve. Watch Richard speak for yourself here.

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