Tom Peters has the edge, literally

I’m a big fan of the rock’n roll school of business initiated by Tom Peters. The guy is a human dynamo who has infectious energy and a relentless flow of ideas, revelations, and wisdom. I gigged with Tom in London in 2004 soon after Lovemarks: the Future Beyond Brands was published. Now it can be revealed that Tom and I share an inspiration: the country of New Zealand, edge of the world. His blog reports this week that “Tom and his wife, Susan, have fallen deeply in love with New Zealand. Each year they spend several months there. Right now, they’re making their way to the near-literal antipode of Vermont to begin their 2012 respite.” Some pretty interesting people have made New Zealand their home over the decades, from philosopher Karl Popper to painter Frederick Hundertwasser to The Peddlers Roy Phillips (who tours NZ in March with Georgie Fame). Have a great New Zealand summer Tom; remember that change happens first on the edge of the species, so I look forward to what you produce during your sojourn. And if you’re in Queenstown on February 23-24 where I’m speaking to the Entrepreneur’s Summit, the beer’s on me.

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