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I’ve been diving and delving further into the ‘Age of Now’ lately, today’s warp speed living which affects everything from health and happiness to marketing and real-politick. The Now is the tech-generated, always-on, 24/7/365/forever lifestream, channel-agnostic, hyper-convenient, screen-powered, impulse-driven, location-aware, instant everything, rush (phew!) away from yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s fears into the brightest light of the moment.
The Now is where life happens. It’s where we really live. Most importantly, it’s where we feel good in a hard-hitting world that takes no prisoners. On that note here are four recent instant developments that made me blink:

  • Baby strollers are now available with LCD dashboards, cell phone chargers and power-folding features (remove baby first).
  • Fiction is up from 67% of the titles in USA TODAY’S weekly top 150 in 2007 to 78% last year – as people push the ‘escape’ button.
  • “Creative” came out as LinkedIn’s ‘top overused buzzword’ people use to describe themselves last year in Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, the UK and the US. The year before, it didn’t even make the U.S top ten.
  • TV viewers can now make impulse purchases of products they see with their remote controls. The History Channel goes super present.

Life lived to the full in the moment.

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