I am a big believer that having the focus to see beyond your fears can instigate change. When you take risks, embrace the unknown, and ‘go for it’, that is often when you get the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

AOL founder Steve Case and his wife Jean established the Case Foundation to leverage new technologies that will make the world a better place. They recently launched Be Fearless a campaign that encourages people to take a step forward in their efforts to create lasting social change in their communities. Their mantra is “Take Risks. Be Bold. Fail Forward.”

Jean Case recently outlined 5 key values that help develop a fearless mindset. I suggest you read it. We need more changemakers on this planet.

    • Make big bets – and make history
      History suggests that the most significant cultural transformations occur when one or more people simply decide to try and make big change.
    • Experiment early and often
      Experience shows us that we need to keep looking around the corner to find the next good idea—because today’s iPhone is tomorrow’s Walkman.
    • Make failure matter
      Every great innovator has experienced moments of failure, but the truly great among them wear those failures as badges of honor.
    • Reach beyond your bubble
      Collaboration provides new ideas and innovations, as well as “air cover” when sharing risk.
  • Let urgency conquer fear
    Don’t overthink and overanalyze every decision, take a calculated risk and go for it.

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