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Going to a great school is one step towards obtaining a good education. If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best. You can do this through traditional education or by working with people who are successful in your field. I did the latter, but however you do it, it does pay to seek the knowledge of those who have gone before you. I get great satisfaction working with up-and-coming talent, and I get as much inspiration from them as I hope they get from me.

Unfortunately in our modern world, access to a good education still isn’t easily accessible to everyone.  But thanks to the evolution of computer and internet technology, this is beginning to change. Since Sebastian Thrun began offering free online courses in association with Stanford University last year, leading universities have scrambled to create their own online offering. MIT and Harvard are the latest to join in on this trend, teaming up to create EDX – a $60 million venture that will offer free, digital courses to students around the world.

This is just another example of how modern technology is capable of breaking down barriers, leveling the playing field and revolutionizing education. 20 years ago the thought of free courses at the world’s most prestigious universities would have been seen as insanity. Now it’s soon to be available to everyone.

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