An Uplifting Arrival

Airports can be heaven or hell – and too often it is the latter. Consider there are 7 billion people on the planet and more than 5 billion passengers travelled by plane last year. You would think that the first and last impression that visitors have of a country would be a priority, but more progress needs to be made on that front.

With such high numbers of foot-traffic, airports have always been considered a retail attraction but less so as a place to display the best of a country’s culture and people. Why should your visit start past Arrivals? Why shouldn’t it start once a plane has touched the tarmac?

Fast Company looked at airports in places like Jeddah, Stockholm and Seoul that are making the move from being places to becoming spaces. In Munich, you can visit a brewery while waiting for your connection. In Singapore, you can take a swim in a Balinese pool. In Hong Kong, you could watch a movie on the largest IMAX screen in the country.

Imagine if you actually wanted to spend time at the airport. The more than half a million flight delays that occur each month wouldn’t be so agonizing and travellers would have a more positive experience all round.

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