Tui Brewery is renowned for its irreverent marketing campaigns. Its blokey sense of humor is integral to its brand and its billboards are so imbedded in New Zealand that they’re effectively fused into the country’s DNA. But the success of the Yeah Right billboard slogan has seen it almost become a brand in and of itself. Tui wanted to find a way to get back to the core of its brand – capturing the essence of male bonding. It’s about banter. It’s about celebrating men being men and giving them reasons to share a beer.

At Saatchi & Saatchi we get to enjoy working with Tui to plan its campaigns. It’s not work really. It’s play. The beauty of advertising is we can do things people only dream of. Creativity knows no limits. Plumb a bloke’s entire house with beer without him knowing? Why not? It always tastes better from the tap. So that’s exactly what we did.

The reactions of Russ and his wife when they discovered ice cold Tui beer was pouring out of every outlet in their home, including the shower, were 100% genuine. Only a typical Kiwi would be so relaxed about it. The prank was completely authentic because it had to be. That’s what Tui is about. Months of planning went into the execution and it could have unravelled at any time. But it didn’t. And with risk comes reward.

As the team in New Zealand know well, you can never be sure whether an idea is going to take off and go viral. That’s the goal of course. To create some social currency. Something people want to share. Something entertaining. With five million views online and counting and media coverage from around the globe that box has definitely been ticked. It’s always a special moment when creativity and passion is rewarded. Tui embraced a great idea and it was executed to perfection. Great result.

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