The Greatest Match in Modern Rugby?

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At Baker St Pub on 1st Avenue and 68th St NYC at 11am on Saturday were a bunch of Kiwis (including Bill Middleton, John McCabe, Chris Liddell and me) and a horde of South Africans to witness one of the greatest sports matches every played. Here are the video highlights. It was relentless best quality from both teams; extreme pressure and physicality. Sportswriters are not really cynics, they are just waiting for games like this to show up. Here are superlative extracts from NZ’s Herald and Stuff.

match world had waited for
will go down as one of the all time greats
there was carnage
maimed bodies strewn over the park
played at a frenetic pace
lead interchanging four times
crowd of 64,000 sensed
outsiders held their nerve
crucial try-saving tackle
countless heroes
the first team to record
extended this year’s unbeaten run
again defied the odds
all were immense
vaunted physicality
man of the match was a standout
scene was set early for an epic occasion
tactic was to weather the early storm
but they did much more than that
the two best sides in the world
delivered and more
brutal first-half
players didn’t survive
taken off in a stretcher with a protective neck brace
freak hamstring injury
quell the rampant locals
scored a brilliant first try
classy off-load
beat four defenders in silky fashion
brought the crowd back to life
one-handed off-load
superb finish
battled gallantly
defiant defence
absorbing to watch
the best rugby team on the planet.
defended their title
several moments of controversy
yet to be beaten
toughest test of the year
stood up to the physicality
too much skill and fitness
playing starring roles
a thrilling test
lead changed several times
sealing the win
courage and determination
the hostile arena
periods of dominance.
the first time since
to cope with
refused to concede anything.
a hell of a match
Messam struck back
the lead continued to seesaw
brilliant individual effort
made an incredible run

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