Eating the Weird & Wonderful

As teenagers do, two Kingston boys recently attempted to elevate their fast food experience to a McBanquet. With cutlery and tablecloth in hand, the duo also created a centrepiece of straws and bravely lit candles to shed some light on what would have otherwise been a pretty generic eating experience.

This amusing vignette reminds us that even in the Age of Now, when we want things fast and in bite-sizes, eating remains one of the pleasures in life which we are willing to embrace the weird and wonderful. Forget boring and bland, here are some of the most unique culinary experiences available to be explored and enjoyed.

  • Blind Dining – In London you can eat in the dark at Dans le Noir. When you can’t see what you’re eating, your other senses go into overdrive. Your sense of taste and smell start to dominate, and your mind starts playing games on you. What is this? And why does it tastes like nothing I have tasted before? Not the best for first dates and business meetings.
  • Eating Underwater – At the Anantara Kihavah in The Maldives you can dine in the deep of the sea. They have a wine cellar and restaurant with spectacular views of sea life and you can still send a selfie to friends and family as there is wireless internet.
  • In the Treetops – How about eating in the trees? In New Zealand, not too far from Auckland, you can entertain up to 30 guests at the Redwoods Treehouse. It’s as close to nature as you’ll get.
  • Hanging in Mid-Air – Eating while suspended 50 metres in the sky is not for everyone, but it makes for an incredible spectacle. Dinner in the Sky hosts events in different cities around the world and one event can cater for up to 3 chefs, cooking your fabulous meal for up to 22 people. If the weather is bad, there is insurance!

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