Remo Giuffré is a Sydney creative legend. He has a long track record as an entrepreneur, retail merchant and brand builder. I first came across him at his iconic REMO General Store which he founded on Oxford St in 1988, it was clear an eclectic retail curator was at work, aiming to delight on every shelf and shop corner. Said Christine on, “The original REMO General Store was an oasis of quality in a world awash with feculent ephemera. I went there to find inspiration as much as any product. That kernel of commitment to things inspired and inspiring continues in their online presence. I go to the REMO site and feel like someone has tapped into my brain and brought together just the things that I might enjoy. The epitome of the Lovemark.”

I featured Remo in The Lovemarks Effect in 2006 as a role model for how to create a Lovemark. Remo was an early TEDster and is the Licensee for TEDxSydney at the Sydney Opera House which has become the leading platform and pipeline for the propagation of Australian ideas, innovation and creativity to the rest of the world. He founded the General Thinking network in 2001.

Now Remo has a book coming out, General Thinker, which tells the stories and examines the experiences that have guided and shaped him along my path as a founder, entrepreneur and brand builder. “I have experienced both great success and brilliant failure in my life to date; all the while learning lots about myself and others. This book is a personal memoir, but it’s also about people, experiences and brands; and an ongoing exploration of what it takes to engage, delight and create desire. It’s a book about work. It’s a book about love. It’s about me, but also about you.”

There’s a Kickstarter underway for the printing costs of the book, looks like it’s doing well, but pile on in and be part of the Remo party. I’ve ordered 25 copies for starters.

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