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When it comes to sharing, studies have found that articles and video clips that trigger positive emotions, such as happiness, surprise or warmth, are more likely to go viral. No surprises then that random acts of kindness by strangers are frequently reported in the news or shared online. These stories remind us of the goodness in people and make us reflect on the importance of kindness.

Here are a few random acts of kindness in 2014 that will restore your faith in humanity. It’s the little things. Don’t forget that you can do your part too.

  • Instead of handing out tickets, police officers in Kansas City, Missouri handed out money to unsuspecting Americans, on a mission from a wealthy businessman known as ‘Secret Santa’. The people’s reactions are priceless.
  • A store employee at an Ormond Beach, Florida Publix Super Market was snapped helping an elderly man by bending down and tying his shoelaces.
  • A North Carolina high school student gave a pair of rare Air Jordans to a classmate after he noticed he was being teased about his old sneakers.
  • A ‘layaway angel’ paid off 150 layaway accounts totaling $20,000 at a Toys R Us store in Bellingham, Massachusetts.
  • Hair stylist Mark Bustos spends every Sunday giving free haircuts to homeless people on the streets of New York City.
  • Months before he died, Robin Williams made a video clip for a terminally-ill New Zealand woman whose bucket list included meeting Williams.
  • Luke Cameron, a 26-year old from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, performed one good deed each day in 2014, blogging about it on his Good Deed Diary.

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