My second post about Canada this week. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke for the nation of Canada which he eulogized one of its most loved musicians Gordon Downie, legendary frontman of rock band Tragically Hip. Gord died aged 53 of brain cancer. He was a hugely recognizable figure his homeland, and was lauded for his thoughtful lyrics, patriotism and philanthropy. An openly emotional and grieving Trudeau said “Gord was my friend and was everyone’s friend – it’s who he was, our buddy Gord, who loved this country with everything he had. And not just in a nebulous, ‘I love Canada’ way’, he loved every hidden corner, every story, every aspect of this country that he celebrated his whole life – and he wanted to make it better. He knew, as great as we were, we needed to be better than we were. We are less as a country without Gord Downie in it. We all knew it was coming, but we hoped it wasn’t.”

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