As you know, side-kick and ex-Rugby team-mate Robin Dyke has just published his second book of poems, 64 Spurs.
I was in Vancouver last week working with Destination Canada on their new branding and Purpose – more of that another day – and we took advantage of that to spend a few days with Robin and Marline at their Cordova Bay beach-side retreat on Vancouver Island.
On Friday night, over a bottle of 2011 Flaccianello, as the sun set on the deck by the water, we got to talking about the importance of friends – and friendship.  Next morning, I asked Robin to write down some of the points he had shared under The Jolly Roger, so I could share them with you.
In today’s world we are so busy – with work, social networks, family – that we can lose sight of the value true friends can add to our lives.
He’s writing a guest blog on Celebrating Friendship today.  I’ll post it on Thursday.

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