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Reading travel magazines allows my imagination to wander to places I have been or would like to experience in the coming years.  The pandemic won’t last forever and having a destination to look forward to allows me the joy of daydreaming.  It seems my list of places to visit in 2021 is growing by the moment.  The great thing about daydreaming is that not all the dreams have to come to true – but some will.  For example, I read an article about the Lythian Way hiking trail in Turkey that I would love to visit.  The 335 mile hiking trail – even if you choose to walk only part of it – seems easier travelled through books. 


One of the first places outside the US I will be visiting in 2021 will be my favourite city – Rome.  This is the city where I will bring Kendall for a one-on-one holiday in a couple of years.


My first visit to this inspirational city holds so many wonderful memories.  Every turn revealed another spectacular sight.  Every restaurant filled my senses with the aroma of a feast.  Walking amongst the ruins provided an escape to another time.  And most importantly, spending time with our dear friends.  I so look forward to being there again.



Leslie C. Berson, Washington D.C.


2020 was to be, for us, the year for travel, with a milestone birthday as the perfect excuse.


It began with a ski trip to Colorado for New Years, followed by a week in the Caribbean.  COVID 19 was just beginning to make headlines.  By mid-March, the world began to shut down and we saw our travel dreams vanish: a girls’ trip to Kiawah, family visits to Austin, the Cotswolds in May, to be followed in June by a wedding of dear friends on the Amalfi Coast, and then an Alaskan Cruise in July.


So where do I hope to travel in 2021?  Colorado, Austin, Kiawah, England, Italy, and Alaska!  The dates may have changed (and may change yet again), but I will not let Covid ruin my dreams.  I will, however, accept a delay.



Marline Dyke, Victoria, BC, Canada


With the hopes of a vaccine or wonder drug to protect us from Covid19, our 2021 travel plans are a return to our two most favourite destinations … Croatia and Maui.  Here’s why.


Croatia – for cycling the rugged beauty of its azure Dalmatian Coast and islands, its people and their aloof yet unmistakable pride in land, sea and family, their abundant hospitality and their Klapa, a cappella harmonies, topped off with homemade wine and rakija.


Maui – the romantic valley isle for its aloha spirit and vastness of green and blue, the rainbows and the konas, the morning stillness, the daily routine of wake, read, write, walk, sun, swim, happy hour, sunset, repeat.  For over 40 years now, Maui No Ka Oi.



Joanne Ficaro, Lake Gaston in Littleton, NC


Just last year at this time five friends and I were inspired to plan a trip to New Orleans for a week beginning April 19, 2020.  Friends were coming from California, New York, New Jersey and North Carolina and some had never met.  All were looking forward to meeting after our months of planning together by e-mail.  Airline flights were booked, the hotel was reserved, and we were excited discussing the group tours we wanted to take, with a few reservations already made.


And then the pandemic.  When we finally all cancelled we were determined to think of it as just a postponement.  We still talk and e-mail about our plans, and look forward to one day checking New Orleans off our bucket list.




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