Robin sent me a great article last week by The Atlantic / New York Times columnist David Brooks who had just interviewed 71 years young Bruce Springsteen on his new album Letter To You which I’ve written about a couple of times.


(If you haven’t already done so, watch the documentary ‘Making of’ on Apple – the story of the E-Street Band via the album.)


David makes some stimulating points in his October 23 article and here are some insights/sound-bites:

  • A 71 year old in 2020 looks like a 51 year old in 1935.
  • Roman statesman Cicero said “It’s not by strength or speed or swiftness of body that great deeds are done, but by wisdom, character and sober judgement”.
  • Springsteen is a world champion of ageing well – physically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.
  • Letter To You is rich in lessons for what successful ageing looks like.  Youthful, loud and hard charging – and serene and wise.
  • There’s a certain kind of older person – one who knows the story of his/her life, who sees themselves whole, and who now approaches the world with an earned emotional security and gratitude.
  • Creativity is an act of magic rising up from your subconscious.
  • Memory is many things, it is a call to resolve in us what simply will not go away.
  • The artists who hold our attention have something eating away at them, and they never quite define it, but it’s always there.
  • Even in his 70’s Springsteen still has drive.  He still has the burning need to communicate.
  • Successful ageing is the maturation of your thought process and very soul to the point where you understand the limits of life, without giving up on its possibilities.
  • Carry the losses gently, learn to live with the inner conflicts, get out of your own way, savour life and give other people a break.


Thank you Mr Brooks (and Bruce!).



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