Caribbean Campari/Aperol mate, outstanding Leadership thinker and all round good guy – Alan Berson, sent me these 10 new questions leaders should be asking themselves right now.

1.    Where is it my responsibility to make a difference for people, not just a profit?

2.    What do I stand for and what am I willing to risk to be that person/leader?

3.    How does converting employees into true stakeholders motivate innovation?

4.    How can I grow new clients and serve them in new ways?

5.    How can I create and back the environment for quick, bold, decision-making?

6.    Where am I the bottleneck?

7.    How and how quickly can I hold difficult conversations and take necessary actions?

8.    In what way do I need to work with competitors to save an industry, not against them?

9.    Is there any limit to new possibilities when I am totally open?

10.   How do my team and I create a successful tomorrow instead of worrying about today?


How did you do?



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